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Best Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors

Best Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors

Best Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors

Massages are a long standing and popular tradition in Thailand but soapy massage parlour, as opposed to shops, offer you a lot more than just relaxation of your muscles. Although these are concentrated mostly in Bangkok and Phuket, there are also quite a number of places in Pattaya where you can get away with a sex massage.

Pattaya Soapy massage
Pattaya Soapy massage
[quote align="center" color="#999999"]It's easy to find a sex massage in Pattaya[/quote]
These Pattaya soapy massage parlours are not really geared to the Western foreign tourist trade and most are quite hidden from the general visitor to Pattaya. Since the parlours provide the rooms for a short-term service (the girls aren't taken off the premises). They are, therefore, popular with Thai men who want to keep things a secret as well as with visiting Far Eastern nationals who can turn-up by the bus-load occasionally. However, all nationalities are welcomed equally, and the girls apparently prefer Western men.

How Pattaya Soapy Massage works

[column col="1/2"]Many Pattaya soapy massage parlours are attached to large entertainment complexes and can be a bit hard to find if you don’t know where to look. When you enter one you will find that the girls are displayed behind glass, sometimes called a ‘fishbowl’. [/column]
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Pattaya soapy massage parlor have a wide number of girls in offer. The selection of ladies varies according to the time of evening or night (some are even open from late afternoon) or the time of the month. Each girl wears a number, making it easier for you to select the one you fancy.
Once you've paid your money, you will be escorted up stairs. The rooms are superbly appointed and meticulously clean, possibly the best in Pattaya. Here your masseuse will run you a hot bath. While this is happening, you can enjoy a drink and get to know her a little better. Although what she tells you about her only just arriving in Pattaya, and you being her first customer, and that you really are handsome, will be a complete pack of lies – it’s nice to live the dream once in a while.
Once she has bathed you from head to toe, and satisfied herself that every nook and cranny is clean, you will be asked to lay face down on a Lillo. Now she will cover you with lots of bubbly soapsuds (Now you know why is called soapy massage), and lay on top off you. She will now teasingly massage and caress every part of your body, with every part of hers, blissfully using her hands, arms, feet, buttock‘s and breasts. Then you are turned over, where she continues to use her body to massage yours. Not only is this physically a great feeling, but very pleasing on the eye too! Watching a young girl slide effortlessly up, down, and all over you, is a truly unique and erotic experience. Only in Pattaya soapy massage parlors!
When this is done, your masseuse will take you to the shower for a rinse. Once dry, it’s over to the bed where you will have sex! Condoms are always used. If you enjoy the experience as much as I think you will, giving the girl a small tip will be gratefully received. Should you return and take the same girl again, then I guarantee she will reward you for your past generosity.
The whole unhurried experience takes about an hour and a half, but the memories will last forever. The next time you are in Pattaya, I strongly recommend you pay The Honey Body Massage a visit. Whether it’s something to do one evening, or something to do when returning from the laundry, or if you are like me you don’t like football, Honey Body Massage, is a great place to spend 90 minutes! Pattaya soapy massage can be addictive.

Pattaya Soapy massage prices

The prices you pay vary between 1800 Baht and 2500 Baht, depending on the “Quality of girl”. Pattaya soapy massage parlours have the most beautiful girls of all Thailand. There are some real beautiful ones. Some very slim and others er.. a little “chunky”. But as beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, the choice of girl and the amount you pay will always be “Up to you”

Pattaya Soapy Massage Venues

Below you can find reviews of the best happy ending Pattaya soapy massage parlors.
Heaven Entertainment Complex: one of the major establishments with a large selection of young women and often catering to visiting Koreans, Chinese and Japanese, as well as regular Thais. Prices vary depending upon the young lady, but are 1,600-2,500 baht (around 90 min.) in general. The rooms are comfortable and there are also bars and massage in the complex, as well as games. The area can get very busy, as can the girls. 149/352-61 Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road, Central Pattaya, tel: (038) 377 171.
Sabailand: a very obvious place opposite Big C on the corner of Soi 3 and Second Road, offers a good selection of ladies who will spend up to two hours with you for 2,000 baht or less. Prices do vary. 102/1 Moo 9, Soi 3, Pattaya Second Road, North Pattaya, tel: (038) 422 806, 429 037.
Diamond Massage: and Escort gives you the option of having a soapy massage in your own hotel or home. The ladies turn up with the necessary equipment, or you can visit them in their own ‘VIP’ rooms in Soi Diamond. The girls charge a bit more than usual for visiting and the ‘VIP’ rooms can set you back another 500 baht. Diamond Beach Hotel, 449 Soi Diamond, Beach Road. Tel: 089 935 1002.
PP Body Massage: another of the larger established soapy massage parlours with a large choice of girls and good facilities. It is advertised locally and can get pretty busy. 92/26-28 Moo 9, Soi Jirapol, Pattaya Third Road, tel: (038) 411 111.
Honey Body Massage: Inside the building, you will find the masseuses sitting behind a large glass screen - known as the Gold Fish Bowl. All the girls have badges with a numbers on. Simply pick the lady you like by telling the manager who will ask her to accompany you. Is now housed in a brand new building on Soi Honey, Pattaya. (Previously, Soi Honey Inn), tel: (038) 420888.

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